Green Vehicles for Sale in Union, NJ

Hyundai's Newest Green Vehicles Go Further for Less

If you're looking to save money and the environment, you should take a look at our inventory of the newest 2021 Hyundai green vehicles. They're called "green vehicles" because they're environmentally friendly and use other forms of energy other than gasoline, such as electricity, solar energy, or hydrogen fuel.

There are many perks and advantages to driving a Hyundai green vehicle. In addition to helping the environment by reducing toxic emissions, there are often federal tax credits available, and you can avoid stopping for gas in your daily drives around Hudson County. So, if you're thinking of going green, here are the hottest-selling Hyundai green cars and SUVs in the hybrid and electric vehicle lineup.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The Sonata Hybrid has an unconventional and unique look for a midsize vehicle. With its narrow body and fastback-shaped rear, it looks more like a sports coupe than a sedan, which gives it a stylish aura that most vehicles in the same class lack.

It gets excellent gas mileage with up to 54 MPG. This is not only because of the solar panels on its roof but because it has improved aerodynamics over other sedans. Its sleek design, dynamic air flap, and rear spoiler give it less drag and more fuel efficiency.

Also, as a green vehicle, the regenerative braking system that comes standard in all Sonata Hybrids helps recharge the battery every time you press the brake pedal.

Hyundai Kona Electric

If you have a large family or just need a green vehicle suitable for adventures, look no further than the new Kona Electric SUV. As an all-electric vehicle, this SUV produces zero emissions and can get you as far as 258 estimated miles before having to recharge again.

With 201 hp and a lithium-ion polymer battery that's warrantied at ten years or 100,000 miles, you can drive anywhere with both power and confidence. For overnight charging, there's also an optional 10.5 kW onboard charger available.

Many high-tech safety features also come standard in the Kona Electric. The Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) feature can correct your steering when you unintentionally drift into another lane. Simultaneously, its Blind-Sport Collision Warning (BCW) will warn you when it detects another vehicle in any of your blind spots. There's also a headlight feature known as High Beam Assist, which automatically dims your headlights if the vehicle detects an oncoming vehicle.

Hyundai Nexo Fuel Cell

The Nexo Fuel Cell is a revolutionary vehicle and the first of its kind in the SUV class. Instead of being gas-powered, this vehicle is fueled by hydrogen. This equates to zero emissions and a much further range than traditional gas fuel-ups can give you, at an estimated 380 miles.

Another exciting feature of this vehicle is its ability to parallel park autonomously. You will no longer have to worry about parking in tight spaces, as you can simply step out of the vehicle and allow it to park itself. Many other cutting-edge features come standard in the Nexo Fuel Cell, including Hyundai's proprietary Driver Attention Warning system, which can warn you when the vehicle senses your fatigue or inattentive driving behaviors.

Test Drive a Green Vehicle at Maxon Hyundai in Union

If you've been looking for an economical car or SUV, then why not consider a new Hyundai green vehicle? With all the obvious perks that come with driving one, you'll wonder why more people haven't switched to green yet.

Come visit us at Maxon Hyundai, and our dedicated team members can answer any questions you have about any of our hybrid, all-electric, or alternative-fueled vehicles. You can test drive any of the green vehicles at our Union location until you find the one that's perfectly suited for you. Newark customers can contact us for more information today!