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New Inventory of Green Vehicles from Hyundai

Hyundai offers an exceptional lineup of green vehicles. They offer the modern features and flexibility you need to enjoy driving in Union. On top of that, they offer the safety features that help you get home on the streets of Newark. At Maxon Hyundai, we are proud to showcase what this new green inventory has in store for you. There are multiple vehicles in this category that will take your breath away. You will also easily find one that fits your specific use case and price range near Jersey City. Hyundai even offers an exciting hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that manages to offer the advantages of both a gasoline and electric vehicle.

Why Drive a Green Vehicle

The main reason to go green when buying your next vehicle is the highly economical and efficient engine. If you choose a hybrid model, you won't go to the gas station very often. Pure electric cars require no fuel and offer flexibility where you can recharge, whether it's at a public fast-charging station or home. It means you can charge your vehicle while sleeping, and the electric prices will be the lowest during the day. It means you will save a lot of time without having to worry about getting gas before you get to work. Also, electric vehicles are much easier to maintain, which means you'll save money on maintenance costs that add up with gas-powered vehicles. On top of these exciting features, electric vehicles also offer advantages for the environment.

Electric vs. Hybrid Vehicles

When it comes to hybrid vehicles, you have a few options to consider. Each option offers multiple pros and cons, meaning you need to consider what makes sense for your lifestyle and driving needs. You should also consider if you are willing to choose a vehicle in a form factor you wouldn't have otherwise chosen. For example, will you choose a sedan over an SUV if that is your only choice? The first option is a purely electric vehicle that needs recharging. Power gets stored in the battery pack and eliminates you ever having to go to the gas pump. You can even charge at home! Although charging takes longer than filling up with fuel at the gas station, you'll save tons of money over time by eliminating fuel and maintenance costs.

A hybrid vehicle receives power from fuel and an electric motor. A traditional hybrid vehicle uses a gas-powered engine to charge the battery pack, and you can change a plug-in hybrid vehicle's battery just like a pure electric model. A hydrogen fuel cell car or SUV has a tank just like a conventional gas-powered car, except it takes hydrogen fuel-a zero-carbon fuel burned with oxygen-available at a growing number of service stations nationwide. Hyundai offers an exceptional lineup of these vehicles, meaning you get more choices at a price you will love.

Electric Hyundai Models

In terms of electric vehicles from Hyundai, you can choose from the Kona, Ionic, and the Ioniq 5 pure electric cars. The Kona is a modern electric SUV with a 258 my range. It offers plenty of interior room for all your passengers. It is the perfect vehicle for a small family, and it offers a powerful motor that you will love driving through Hudson Country. The Ioniq 5 offers a hatchback form factor that is perfect for people who want to have maximum fun. It also gives you up to 303 miles of range. That makes the ideal daily driver. The Ioniq electric is also an excellent option if you want an electric hatchback.

Hybrid Hyundai Models

Hyundai offers an incredible selection of hybrid compacts, sedans, and SUVs, including the Tucson, Santa Fe, Elantra, Sonata, and Ioniq hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. The Tucson Hybrid is a compact SUV that gives you up to 38 MPG on the highway. The Elantra Hybrid is an affordable sedan that gives you up to 56 MPG on the highway. The Sonata Hybrid gives you a more powerful powertrain that puts out a combined 192 horsepower.

For more information about the green vehicles from Hyundai, visit Maxon Hyundai near Elizabeth, NJ today.